Move Into Your True Rhythm & Join with Others to Create Harmonic Balance


There is a wonderful frequency that each and every being emits. It is a wonderful vibration that creates the most wonderful universal melody.

But there are many of you who have been squelching or depriving yourselves of that wonderful rhythm within. That have suppressed your natural identity, your natural fluidity of energetic movement. That get a glimmer of the true essence of your being on occasion, but depress it immediately, for you feel it may not be acknowledged in a good way.

And we would like to say of you that we feel those frequencies. We feel those rhythms, and we encourage you to move within that true essence of self in the uniqueness of your rhythmic pattern. For it is a unique, melodious tone. And within this creation of your tone, when it emanates forth and joins those of all others’ tones, it creates the most magnificent melody. And within this melody is all knowledge. Within this melody is all truth. Within this melody is the synchronicity of the movement in the universe. Within this melody, shared by all, brings true harmony and balance.

So we would encourage you to allow the truth of your blend of melodies and harmonies that are your true essence to spring forth from your being. To allow them to come from your heart very openly and willingly, creating the rhythm of the Universe. For when all of us move into our heart, to our true expression, and bring forth our melody, and join with one another, the pattern of the entire universe will shift. Harmony and balance will be created. We will move into our truth of who we truly are in the essence of love.

For if each being would move into their true rhythm, emanate their true melody, joining with others, harmonic balance would be created. There would be no more war. There would be no more famine. There would be equality and love for all.

So we ask you to go within, to seek your true rhythm, your true melody, and express it freely and gratefully for all to hear. To join with one another in harmony and balance. We thank you for this engagement today. We go in love.

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