Heart Centered Presentations



Every Thursday Evening
6:30 – 8:00 pm – Free: Pay Forward

Parkwood Plaza, 1000 N 9th St., #19
(South Building and down the stairs)

Contact:  Vicki Smith (970) 260-4641

April 4th:      Fun Sway – Movement makes you feel good, and is so beneficial to your health and well-being! Come have Fun, and Sway with us!

April 11th:    Meditation and Psychic Tools by Debbie Emerson. In this introduction to meditation you will learn several tools to aid in the development of your psychic abilities to gain certainty and clarity of your own truth, as well as a tool to help you easily manifest what you desire. This is an active style of meditation; the goal being to come into your body which allows you to bring more of you and your awareness into present time.

April 18th:     Group Past Life Regression Session – Who were you, and how is that impacting you today? This session will be very relaxing, and may promote memories, and information that is  beneficial to you in your life today.

April 25th:     Healing Circle – Have aches and pains? Or just want to feel good. Come join us, and see how good you feel when you receive loving, healing energy from several people at one time!

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Vicki is dedicated to helping and sharing with others, and welcomes the opportunity to be your guide into the mysteries of the soul to help you receive answers and guidance from spirit and energy.
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