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Channeling 2/28/13 on Blog Talk Radio

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When you are speaking from the heart, when you are speaking from your true essence of intelligence, and resource energy, the interconnectedness of the All That Is, the knowledge of all the Universal Connection, then you are bringing forth wisdom throughout the Universe.

The love factor, and what is in our heartspace is of such paramount importance to the whole functioning of society and the world, not just yourself, but every aspect of who you are. And every aspect of who you are stems from all things that you touch. And all things that you touch, create a vibration throughout the Universe that can create marvelous shifts, or shifts that are not for the highest good.

So it is very important for all of us to be in tune with the rhythm of who we are, and to be in sync with that rhythm, and to be aware. The awareness factor is something that is driving the Universe absolutely crazy. The fact that we are not listening to the information and the knowledge that we are receiving, and that we are not acting upon that knowledge that we are receiving because we don’t feel that there are those that would listen. And it’s not important to have someone listening, and to know that someone is listening. That is an ego factor. When you are in the requirement stages of insisting that others listen to you speak, for what you have to speak is of paramount importance, understand that that is coming from ego.

When you are speaking from the heart, when you are speaking from your true essence of intelligence, and resource energy, the interconnectedness of the All That Is, the knowledge of all the Universal Connection, then you are bringing forth wisdom in many ways. You are bringing it forth not only in the words that are presented, but in the energetic factor that is coming through. And when you emit those words in the strength, and the honor, and the truth that they are coming from, there is impact. There is a wave that projects throughout the Universe. And it is of no significance who is impacted by that wave, for what you must understand is that All, All, All energy is impacted on some level throughout the Universe with everything that you create and you project.

So we would ask of you once again, that you watch your thoughts very carefully. You formalize internally what it is you wish to speak, and frame it very carefully before you emit it out into the Universe through spoken word. For the impact of the energetic frequency vibrates throughout the Universe, throughout every being, and creates shifts, and the shifts that you wish to create are for the highest good, and do you not understand that within these shifts that you create, when you get enough of those lower energy frequencies within the Universal space, there is a creation that takes place that may be for the good, or not for the highest good of all. For if there is a huge percentage of beings who are creating a lower frequency energy vibration, that is the shift that you will see taking place on your planet. If there is a larger percentage of frequency of higher light energies emitting frequencies of the highest, for the highest good, you will see a vibration and a shift within your Universe.

And please understand that this does not only impact you in the earthly fashion, on your planet, but it projects out throughout the Universe. And do you not understand that it creates different behaviors within your Mother, within your Earth, within the weather patterns that you see on the surface. Did you ever recognize that the thought frequencies, the vibrations that you emit create shifts on all levels, not just on the human level, but they impact and affect all living things? So we are speaking of Earth’s energies. We are speaking of Universal energies. We are speaking of the animals, the plants, the insects.

You recognize that when you are in vibration and in sync with the love of your heart, in your heart space, that you are emitting and creating energy of the highest frequency. And when you are emitting that energy, things around you glow and grow. But, on the other hand, when you are in the state of a dismal state of being, and you are having a difficulty removing yourself from this space, and bringing yourself back into the heart, and in the vibration of your true rhythm, then the energy that you emit is of a lower frequency. And as you look about you, all is dull and gray. And you say to yourself, why is it that everything is dull and gray? What is it that is going to happen on the Earth now, for it cannot be coming from me, it must be coming from another space?

And what we are asking of you, it is time for you to step into your personal responsibility, and understand that everything, everything is energy, and everything responds to the emissions, the vibrations that you emit from your personal being. And as you join with others there is even a creation of  higher frequency vibration in any level of frequency that you are emitting as a group. So we would ask of you to stay in the heartspace, to emit those loving energies, to stay in those higher frequencies of loving vibration, to seek out your true melody, to sit within your rhythm, and create harmonic balance at all times. And as you move into those groups, and you feel, and you see, and you know that those energies are of a lower vibration than that you wish to be in, you create the shift, you move into the true creation of who you, you move into your true creativity, and you help adjust a shift to a higher frequency for all. For you are capable of doing that, and that is well within your being and your knowingness. And as you create that shift, you are shifting the energy vibration and the frequencies for that entire space.

And we are reminding the channel of a time when she lived in Hawaii, and she was very much a minority, and she was not appreciated. And she rode a bus to work, each and everyday, and she would get upon that bus, and every one on the bus was an oriental, and of a very low vibrational frequency, and were not appreciating her on their bus. And so she would set about from the time she placed her foot upon that bus to shift the energy vibration so that when she left them they were in a better space. And as she got off of her bus, at the end of the ride, there would be those of them who were smiling, and waving, and wishing her a good day.

So you see, you are each and every one of you a Creator. And if you do not like the space that you are in, create a new space. If you do not the energy vibration in which you sit, it is for you to create the shift of the vibration that you are in. It is for no other to do that for you. There is no one that causes you to be unhappy other than yourself. And it is not for you to take on others’ vibrations. It is for you to look at the vibrational energy that is coming into your space very honestly and straight forward, and to say to yourself, hmmm, is this mine or is this theirs, and if it not of your energy, it is none of your business, do you not see? It is for that person, it is their personal responsibility, to create the shifts for themselves and to move themselves into another space of feeling and being. It is for them to recognize it.

And we remind you once again that everything is energy, and if everything is energy, it is for you to open your physical being. You see yourselves as very physical, as very formed, as very solid, but we would like to re-iterate to you that you are just energy. You are just a mass of energy, and if you would get into the space of looking at yourself in the truth of who you are, you will see very easily that any energy that has compiled or developed deeply within your state is because of you holding on to it, you not turning loose of it, you not being the one to move into the knowledge of who you are, and recognize that you have ability to keep your space clear at all times. So we would encourage you to look at your space in a holographic manner, and if you would look at your space in a holographic manner, it will be very easy for you to see the accumulation of clutter, of energy that is not for your highest good that you have managed to maintain and retain in your space, and of which it would be in your highest interest to clear from that space.

We are recognizing that we have given you much this day to think for, to think of, to think about, but we do wish you to understand that we are here hoping for the highest good, to open your higher intelligence, to bring the sensations to the surface for you so that you can see them very truthfully and accurately and you can step into the truth of who you are, and begin monitoring your own wellbeing and doing the best for you in the way of what you call your physical health and your emotional wellbeing. For if you will begin to recognize the truth of who you are, and step into that truth, there is nothing that you cannot accomplish, there is nothing that you cannot do, there is nothing that you cannot be, there is nothing that you cannot create.

And we hope that you are picking up on the rhythm, We hope that you are picking up on the energy that is issuing forth from this talk, this chat, this creative conversation that we are having with you. For we do love engaging with you on this level, and we do appreciate that you have come to listen and participate with us today. And, as we look about and throughout your energetic fields, we are very happy to see that there is a shift that is taking place for you, if even on a minimal level. We would like to say that we see a little chip, a little entry level that we have managed to create here in your space today. And we are happy with that chip. We will take that. We will take that happily. For any chink, any chink that is created is room for expansion, do you not agree.? And as there is now an opening, we have created a space for more of this higher vibrational frequency to come into your beingness, to move through that physical shell that you have created, that physical essence, that hard layer of self-protection. You have given us, with your attention here, with your listening, with your hearing ear; you have given us the ability to open a little space within that shell structure that you have created, that protective layer, that layer of I am not good enough. You have allowed us to plant a seed, so to speak, to create a chink within the armor, to allow you to have a glimpse, which may be a very small flicker, we do understand, but a glimpse of the reality and the truth of who you are, and how much we do love you, and care about you. And that is why we come to speak with you, and hope that you are open to listening, and understand that if there are things that are not resonating with you at this moment, that we have planted that seed, we have created that space, we have started the movement, and for that we are grateful.

We do thank you so much this day for this engagement, for your attention, for your lovingness. And we look forward to further engagements with you in the future. Thank you, good day!


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