Looking Through New Eyes

new eyeseChanneling transcribed 4/13/13

We would like to bring a little lightness into the atmosphere of your world. We would like you to look through new eyes. Look at everything in the spirit of light, love and joy. As you gaze into whatever it is you are encountering at the moment, look within the essence factor, and look for the joy. Pull from it the positive expression. Pull from it the joy, the laughter, the love, and move that expression into your being.

For true evolvement of every being comes through the factor of love, and the sooner and the quicker that we can move into the being of lovingness, and staying in the lovingness, the faster we can create the shifts within our environment, within our world, within our internal Universe.

And as we create the shifts within our internal Universe, we are creating a pattern of new evolvement for the entire Universe. So you see what is created within each and every being becomes a creation on the outside as well as the inside. So it is extremely valuable to move within and create your Universe for the highest good of all. For as that energy emits forward from you, it creates the shifts on the outside as well.

And we would like to point out to you the flow and the movement of energy is much swifter in a factor of easy, free flow in the goodness of lightness and love. With some of the other elements of energy which are much heavier and darker, the creativity does not move forward, and the flow is stopped. And you can understand that when you are slowing or stopping the flow, the learning dissipates, the achievement reverses, the movement forward ceases. But when you are in the energy of love and light and joy and laughter, and moving forward in that expression, everything begins to shift quite quickly and you have created a flow, and the flow continues on and on and on.

And you do understand and you do identify with the difference in the feeling of the energies. And there is an understanding within you that you do not resonate or feel good in an energy that is not for your highest good, or of the highest frequency, but you still insist upon miring yourself in those aspects. So we would ask that you look within and see that inner light, that true being of your essence, and you move into that space fully, and you resonate with it, so that you are in such a desire to never leave that space, to never engage with any other feeling than those of the highest frequencies and energies.

For in the factor of the Oneness, it is imperative that each and every one generate the highest quality essence for the good of all.

In a sense, you are a light that can shine very brightly or very dimly within the Universe, or not be seen at all. And if you engage in the light of the highest factor, then you are drawing more lightness to you. And as those of the lightness of the highest factor continue to engage with one another, the light becomes more light, and the dark becomes less noticeable. And in these higher energies, there is a creative shift for all, for the highest good.

When you free yourself by sitting in the lightness, you diminish the physical factor, and by that we are meaning you become less dense. And as you become lighter, you are in the awareness more of the energy factor, and that everything is energy, and more is allowed into your space. And as the flow enters within your space, you are in place of recognition, of understanding, of accepting, and releasing, and not restricting the flow. And in this aspect, when you have created for you the shift in physicality, where the physical is not so physical, it is not so much in your awareness, then you are bringing within you the realm of possibilities, and you are moving more into the true beingness. And in that state of understanding who you are, that you are a gift in the Universe, and of the Universe, and within this beingness, you see the bigger picture, the element of creation. You open to the awareness of the universal intelligence. And all comes to you very easily.

So we would ask that you reflect upon this information that we have given you today, that you create the images within your being, deep within your being. You allow them to resonate and filter to the surface as you move into the creation of your true beingness.

We thank you for this engagement today. We look forward to further engagements in the future. We go in love.

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