Put Your Ear To The Ground

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We have often heard the earthly expression, “I have my ear to the ground“. And it is not within our understanding exactly what you mean by having your ear to the ground. For if you truly did have your ear to the ground, you would be connected with all factors throughout the Universe for you would truly be listening on all levels of your being. And we do not see that creation in force in the earthly fashion.

It is a wonderful expression, do you not think? And what a wonderful idea to move within the true essence of the meaning of that expression, and to truly start listening, and to truly begin hearing what all of creation is trying to speak to you about. Of all the gifts that elements of every factor of the Universe that is trying to bring forth and speak to you if you would truly put your ear to the ground.

And, perhaps we are taking this too literal, but is it not a good idea to move within the literal factor and explore the true essence of every element of sensation that you emit from your being? That you consider first what it is you are feeling, and what energy you are putting out into the Universe. That you think first what you are going to speak, so that you are assured that the essence, what comes forth out of your mouth, is of the highest quality with a factor of love and generosity mixed in. That the thoughts that you create within your mental pathways, that you look at before you expose them to others.

So in the creation of your true beingness, we do very much like the expression of putting your ear to the ground. But we would like you to move into the true essence of that experience which means that you are truly connecting with Mother Earth. And you are engaging your senses and your sensations in all manner with the flow of the creation of Mother Earth.

And do you not notice, that what the Earth expresses, she expresses in truth and goodness. She is very much in her truth factor in every emission that is created and flows forth. So it would be good of each and every being to move into the essence of all their flow coming from the factor of truth, do you not agree?

And you may disagree that all of the essence that flows forth from the Earth is of goodness, but if you truly have your ear to the ground, and you are moving fully into the creativity of Mother Earth, you will recognize that every expression is done for the good of all. And there is a constant fluidness, and there is much expression of love. And every energy that is generated, is for the goodness of all.

And you may see things created on the surface; the things that you talk of; the hurricanes, the eruptions, the tidal waves, as not being goodness or coming from the love factor, but we would like to express to you that Mother Earth expresses herself in truth, and when necessary, and in the factor of bringing balance and harmony to all. And if every one, every being would move in that factor of creating harmony and bringing the balance within, then there would be much less disruption in the frequencies of all factors.

There is much expression here, and there is much difficulty in putting it into words. So we are hoping in the essence of the energy that is being transmitted, you can identify with what has been said here, and take a moment to go within, and feel how Mother Earth has been feeling, and put your ear to the Earth to understand the decisions that she has made, and what the cause has been of those decisions and those creations. And as you do that, it will bring an illumination within your being and an understanding of the importance of truly putting your ear to the Earth, and listening and bringing that essence of understanding within you so you can create the shift that will help bring balance and harmony to all.

We thank you for this engagement today, and we go in love.

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