Stand Out in Love and Integrity

stand outTrance Channeling May 15, 2013.
Standing out in love and integrity create powerful shifts elevating the energy to the highest factor for the goodness of all, so that in all creation, the level of every being may resonate in unison, in Love.

Worthiness and acceptance of that worthiness appear to be a huge factor on the human level. As we gaze upon you, it is difficult for us to understand where this questioning of worthiness comes from. For as we look at you, and from our perception, you must understand, that we see your true essence shining forth. So we see that uniqueness factor, and we see the love essence that is sometimes hidden very deeply within your being. And we do understand that there is difficulty and confusion in the decisions that you make on Earth, and that many of those decisions are not coming forth from you with clarity. They are decisions that are created more out of a neediness to fit in, or so that you will not stand out.

And it is most important for you to understand that standing out is a good thing. If you are standing out in the essence of true love, and the push that you are getting from within to stand out is coming from a sense of integrity. And the factor of the lack of being worthy is created very much from the energetic patterns that you have created within your being. And to create a shift for yourself into the worthiness means to open yourself to the flow of being your true essence and allowing it to shine forth. And to move into this true essence, it is important and valuable for you to move within. And the greatest way to move in, for the most expansiveness of being, is to move into the heart and the inner stillness. If you wish to create a shift into true worthiness, and a true understanding that you are worthy, sit within the space of the heart and the love factor. You may find that when you sit within that essence, you have difficulty finding comfort there for there is still the question of the worthiness factor. It is an element in your society, on your Earth that has been generated and re-generated for eons upon eons, and so the density of the worthiness factor is very intense. And, therefore, there is the requirement of moving inward, moving within the stillness of the heart, and asking that the true essence of your being shine forth so that in that true essence you can move within and listen and feel the sensation of who you truly are, and access your worthiness. So that when you remove yourself from the space of the heart and awaken to look out upon the Earth with new eyes, you have a clearer understanding of worthiness. And the essence of the energy around that word creates for you happiness, and the love, and the joy, and the factor of understanding that you are enough. You are everything. You are the true essence of life. And so within this creation, you have brought forth a new definition of worthiness, a new essence of the energy around it, and you have created a potential of shift for the good of all.

We hope that in this engagement today, we have created for you an understanding of how the resonance of words can create a different feeling of energy, and that if the energy of that word does not vibrate in a essence very clear and very high in the identity of love, then it is important to go within to seek the truth, and the true essence of that word so that you might bring it forward into the light for all to see in its true essence, in a new cleansed love factor way of being so that in this change, in this shift, you have created a shift for the good of all.

It is time for everyone to understand that in the essence of everything being energy that we are all capable of promoting shifts, and that is what we came here to do. To move into our true beingness. To shift the element of the energy to the highest factor for the goodness of all. So that in all creation, the level of every being may resonate in unison.

And so we would ask that you engage with all essences of vibrations that come within your awareness . Move into the stillness within your heart and create the greatest shift, and the greatest benefit in the energy of that vibration to bring it forth into the world at a higher level of vibration for the growth and the goodness of all. For we are One.

Thank you for this engagement today. We bid you good day.

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