The Magnificence of You and Your Inner Potential

cosmic2Trance Channeling April 25, 2013 on Dial In Channel Up Blog Talk Radio

The most powerful essence, the most powerful healing modality, is that of Self. You are a Creator, look within your Self to create the shift within your energetic fields that will promote wellness on all levels of your being.

(Past life resolution and healing resolution can take place very easily through direct engagement with Spirit. That’s one of the aspects that we tend to overlook – always seeking other avenues and modalities other than moving into the true uniqueness of our higher self and engaging into that area of expertise. So I believe Spirit wishes to speak with us a bit about an aspect of energetic focus here, so let me move into that a moment.)

We welcome this opportunity today to come to speak with you of the different aspects of self. There are many layers within your being, and some of which you are not in recognition of at this point in time. There is a great deal of transition taking place in the energetic aspect on all levels, and we do feel that there is one aspect of self that you have been overlooking, and we would like to bring that into your awareness today. And that aspect is the aspect of true inner healing which can be conducted and promoted by Self.

We do appreciate and recognize that there are many avenues of healing and modalities within your world that are most beneficial, but the aspect that many of you are neglecting to see, and are leaving out, are the powers that you have within your own being, within yourselves to create the shift within your energetic fields that will promote wellness on all levels of your being. You have the ability to tune in to the Universal aspect of acknowledgment and knowledge in all areas if you will but take the time. There is a certain vibration, there is a vibratory cord in each and every Self. It is very easy to connect with if you will move into the silence, and ask for the vibration of the true physical healing essence.

A connection with Archangel Raphael would be most beneficial, as he is the gifted Archangel of healing. And as you make this connection with Archangel Raphael, if you would ask for a sincere and true connection to the healing aspect of your physical self, ask to engage with the vibration, and to watch if you have that ability, to feel, sense or hear whatever it is your aspect of connection that is most prominent for you. Sit in the vibration, and ask for the connection that will give you the value of bringing the physical self into balance and harmony. Once that is complete, you can engage with the emotional, the mental, and the spiritual in the same manner.

It is all about vibration, and recognizing the vibration that brings you into the healing factor, that brings the balance and the harmony within your being. As you engage in this process, as you engage in it more and more, you will come to an understanding of the different sensations of the vibration. And you will recognize the vibration that is bringing you into balance. You will also recognize the vibration of unease. And in this recognition of the vibration of unease, it will bring you into the awareness of the necessity of connection with your higher self, your connection with Archangel Raphael, your connection with the Universal Physicians, or any of your choice that will bring you into that physical alignment, that emotional alignment, that mental alignment, that spiritual alignment that will bring you into the full power of health and healing on all levels of your being, that will bring you into the full harmonic balance.

For it is all about vibration. It is all about energy and vibration. But it does take time. We want you to know that it does take time. It is an effort on your part to engage, to take the moment to move into the fullness of silence, and to ask for that connection with the high  frequency light being of your choice who will engage with you in vibratory health. For when you engage in vibratory health, and you practice this on a regular basis, you are able to key in on the perfect vibration for you. For everyone dances to a unique rhythm. Everyone has their own vibration. Everyone has an essence, a factor of vibratory pulse unique to themselves.

And we do appreciate all of the modalities that are here on Earth, and that you express an interest in, and that you engage in. They are extremely beneficial, and they are most helpful for bringing about a recognition of self, and an attunement to the knowledge of who you are, and the inner rhythm of which you are seeking balance of. But the most powerful essence, the most powerful modality, is that of Self, that of engagement with Self, that of engagement with your true uniqueness, your true rhythm. So we cannot express to you enough, the power that you hold within, the power that you hold within to move yourself into the true quality of being of which you came here to express. That quality of being of perfect health, of perfect mental, emotional and physical wellness which will lead you into the ability to move forward in your spiritual essence. For what you came here to move within is Spirit. What you came into here to express is service. And to be of the best service to all, it is important for you to be in the most beneficial and high mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health.

We are opening to you new visions today. We are bringing to you new ideas, avenues for you to explore, and move into that you may have not thought of in the past. As a Spirit, as a unique, wonderful, evolving Spirit, there is so much for you to grab onto. There is so much power that you have. There are so many avenues of expertise for you to work with that you have not thought of, that you have not engaged in, that you have not permitted or allowed yourself to express. So we would ask of you, as a true Creator which each and everyone of you are, that you move into the true creation of your being and you move forward in expression. For there are thoughts, there are ideas that are within your being that you have not expressed that have come to you in many avenues and arenas of different delightful forms that you have continued to push down and deny. It is time to deny them no longer. For full expression of Self, dancing in the true rhythm of Self, is what you have come here to do. And full expression leads you into health on all elements of being.

So we would ask of you, move into your truth, dance your dance, move into your rhythm, capturing your uniqueness, delight in your ability, share those expressions with all, and  move into the true healing of Self. Thank you for this engagement today. We go in love.

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