Extend Love and Gratitude to All The Surrounds You

earthloveTrance Channeling on Blog Talk Radio, Dial In Channel Up, May 30, 2013

There is much for each and every one of us to appreciate, and when we fall into the depths of despair, we often forget about those simple things that surround us always, that are taking care of us, that are giving us the breath of love.

We come to you today to speak to you of integrating all that surrounds you. There are many aspects of energetic forces that, up to this point, you have not engaged in, and not even considered using in their true essence. These things that we speak of are natural elements of energy around you that surround you in all of your spaces.

The air that you breathe is much appreciated, and yet do you give much thought of it. The wind, when it arises, supports you in more ways than you can imagine. As you feel this warmth upon you, this soft caress of the energy of Spirit, the wind which engages with you, the air which you breathe, do you show appreciation for this essence of energy that supports you in many ways.

And then there is the light factor, the Sun which shines down upon you, and shows its love for you in the warmth, and the true essense of beingness. And then there is the Moon which engages with you when darkness, and the Sun has surrendered to the Moon. Do you show your love and appreciation to the elements, for they support you in so many ways.

And then there is the Earth upon which you put your feet. And you are so supported by the Earth in so many ways. The food that you grow. The trees that spring forth from its essence. There is so much nourishment, compassion, and generosity from the Earth, and yet do you remember to give expression of thankfulness and appreciation.

This is a day for remembering all that surrounds you, and being aware of all aspects of the true essences of energies that support you in every factor of your being, in every element of your growth; support you without asking for anything in return. So the least we can do for these essences of energy is to show our love and gratitude, and our thankfulness for the support that they bring to us in so many ways, in ways that we are not even in recognition of.

So we would ask of you today to take a moment to reflect upon all of that essence that surrounds you, all of the elements of energy, not the material factors, not even the beings, the personal beings that surround you that you get so much support from, but those others, those many other energetic factors, that you think not much of, for they are always there, they are always giving, they are always showing appreciation.

There is much for each and every one of us to appreciate, and when we fall into the depths of despair, we often forget about those simple things that surround us always, that are taking care of us, that are giving us the breath of love.

And then there are the creatures. The creatures who impact us in so many ways, and will give their lives so that we may live in the healing factor that they promote. Those animals that are very close to you in the essence of dogs, cats, horses, the typical animals that you recognize that surround you in the loving manner. But there are many creatures in creation that are here for your highest good, and to benefit you and to give of themselves. So it is a day of appreciation, a time to open yourselves on all levels of energetic being and mindfulness to show that thankfulness and appreciation for all that surrounds your, for all essences of energy, for all factors that show such generosity and self-sacrifice, and do it out of love and gratitude.

And as we are speaking of these things, we hope that you are opening your imagination to all avenues of delight, of adventure, of openness, of resourcefulness. We hope that you are creating new ideas, new imagery, new areas of joy, opening yourselves to movement in all directions, to expansiveness, to great expansion, to opening your heart, to recognizing all that surrounds you, all that essence of beingness on all levels, all energetic factors, to bring to you the truth, to bring to you the love, to remind you of the full essence of your being, of the full illumination of the soul, of the glow, of the glow of the beingness, of who you truly are, of how you fit into the bigger picture, and as this image is created for you, move into the full expression of the energy, the full expression of the love and gratitude, and allow all this beingness to come in to your awareness. And in this essence you will move forward in joy and delight. It will be easier for you to move through your day, when you recognize how you are truly supported in everything that you do, in every area, in every essence of mindful doing, and we hope that with this knowledge that you move forward in joy, and love, and gratitude. Thank you for this connection today. We go in love.

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2 Responses to Extend Love and Gratitude to All The Surrounds You

  • Lisa Salaz says:

    It is even better the second time around, each time I take something more from the sharing. Thank you Vicki, I appreciate your gift. Always with love, Lisa

    • Vicki Smith says:

      I think that we are open to receiving more each time we read these channelings. Thank you so much for sharing, Lisa! I appreciate your gifts, and your support! much love, Vicki

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