Balancing Your Beingness

balance1Trance Channeling July 4, 2013 about taking time to honor your wisdom, to honor yourself, to integrate your beingness, and recognize your full potential of unity.

We are very much in recognition of the requirements of constant transition for earthly beings. As we watch you going about your day to day affairs, we are in total awe of the capacity that you have to work with many different avenues of energy. It is not that you are just walking in one line of perseverance, but that you are expected to juggle many avenues at the same time. We see that you are engaged in your earthly attitude of performing the necessity of day to day affairs, and we see that there can be a challenge in that regard as you move into more spiritual endeavors trying to convey some semblance of natural movement from one aspect to the next.

We do admire the creativity that you extend as you move from one activity to another as you move about your daily lives. For those of you who are very much spiritually engaged are still in the requirement of activating yourselves in the human factor, and by that we mean that you are required throughout your day to day activities to return from the aspect of Spirit to lower your energy to a level that you are able to communicate in a manner that is easily understood to those who are not as actively engaged with Spirit as you are. We also do see that the sensitivies require a great deal of energy on your part and that as a battery, at times that you feel very much depleted, and you are often finding yourself in a state of wondering if any of this is actually having  impact on any being. And we would like to express to you that we have nothing but admiration for you in your endeavors to transmit from the spiritual level to the human factor. For many of you are engaged much more in the spiritual avenue of energy and are radiating on a higher level, and it requires of you to move your essence into the frequency of those who you are interacting with, who are in the beginning stages of spiritual activity. So it does require quite a lot of energetic transmission shifts to communicate on all levels.

We would like to express to you what we are speaking of as the two mediums will understand that when you are in the mediumship capacity you are refining your energy so to speak, and you are raising it to a higher frequency vibration so that you can communicate more actively with those who are coming through in other dimensions, in other levels of activity, of energetic activity, and so you are at a frequency that is quite a bit higher than the normal human activity level. So when you come out of this mediumship frequency level, and bring yourself back down into the normal level of the earth frequency, the normal level of the communication of the human factor, you have precipitated a great deal of energy in that transmission and there is a certain amount of shifts that have been created on all levels of your being; shifts in your mental, your physical, your emotional, and your spiritual.

And so we are giving you this demonstration so that you can understand that when you are in a level of spiritual activity, you are in a higher frequency level, you are emitting a higher energy frequency. You are in a different space than the average human who is going about life in the earthly manner and, who is worried about what they are going to prepare for dinner, how they are going to set their alarm clock so that they are to work on time, who are dealing in the normal earthly energy frequencies which is at a lower dimensional factor.

So those of you who are moving between the spiritual energy factor and the earthly norm factor are experiencing a great deal of transitional status constantly. This creates a certain amount of expletion of your energy and a tiredness factor to your being. So we would like to mention to you the importance of nutritionally feeding yourselves. And we are not just meaning an expression of the food factor on the physical level, but it is important to feed all parts and senses of your being. Those of you who are engaged most generally with spiritual endeavors are already feeding your spiritual, but you are often so engaged in the spiritual that that is all that you are feeding. So our recommendation to you would be that you remember that there are other factors of your being. There is the physical which requires good nutritional food. There is the mental which requires a break, a time of expression of nothingism, a time of being in the moment and just allowing yourself to Be. And then there is the emotional aspect of your being that requires a necessity of nutrition as well. And the best expression for the emotional is to be in that joy and loving attitude; that joy and loving space. And so we would say to you that there is not enough expression of fun. There is not enough expression of laughter. There is not enough expression of engagement of amusement from a purely spiritual factor to where there is a release of that energy for a time frame so that you may move into non-expression. For non-expression is a very valuable place to be. In the space of non-expression there is, there can be no movement or there can be much movement, but in the space of non-expression there is a release of connection, a release of requirement of connection, a release of expectation of anything and just moving into the experience, of moving into the moment and just allowing it to be as it is meant to be.

So, you see, there is much about you in the space of being in human form. There is actually more to you when you are in this space of human form because there are more energetic balls for you to juggle. There are more avenues of expression for you to move into. There is more disengagement of self in many areas. There is more engagement of self in many areas. There are so many avenues of expression, and often times you get over extended. So it is important that you honor yourself and recognize where you are in the expression of your spiritualism, and your humanism, and how far you have extended, and when for you to move back into expression of self, move back into the singular expression, giving yourself time to see, to honor yourself in nutrition in all areas of your being. To take care of the physical, the mental, the emotional and the spiritual, and integrate all these units into the Oneness; into the Oneness of the dimensional reality; into the oneness of the universe; to become an expression of all, to become an expression of true self. We would like you to take time to sit in these expressions, to honor this wisdom, to honor yourself, to integrate your beingness, and recognize your full potential of unity.

We thank you for this interaction today. We go in love.

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