You Are Who You Have Been Waiting For

higherselfTrance Channeling June 20, 2013 on Dial In Channel Up Blog Talk Radio

Your potential is unlimited. Your knowledge is unsurpassed. You are a true Creator.

We come today to speak of sacred spaces and sacred times. We understand your fascination with those previous times when beings were so engaged in Spirit, but we would like to remind of you that the spiritual essence is of vast importance to all at all times in all spaces.

And we would suggest to you that you create for yourselves a space that is very sacred to you; a space in which you can engage with Self. For there is no greater engagement than that of connecting with your Higher Self, the highest essence of your being. And we feel that you often do not recognize; you are not in recognition of, the vast knowledge that each and every one, each and every being, has within themselves. For it is common for each and every being to search outside of themselves for the knowledge, for the essence of creation, to move into the factor of understanding and receiving knowledge, but we would like to emphasize to you that you are the greatest factor of knowledge for yourself. For no being knows your true essence better than you. No being can see more clearly the information that you are receiving. There is no way for any being to be aware of the experiences that you have created for yourself; the essence of endurance that you have created for yourself; the movement; the trajectory that is all within your space, within your Higher Self knowledge.

So we would ask of you this day that you consider the importance of you; that you relish in the essence of you; that you begin to explore the many aspects and cavities of the truth of who you are, and you look inward for your truth. You look inward for your answers. You become the greatest friend of yourself. For within you is the capacity to extend and to explore, and to become everything and anything that you desire. Your potential is unlimited. Your knowledge is unsurpassed. You are a true Creator. You contain the highest essence of the quality of your beingness. And yet you continue to look outside of yourself for the answers, you continue to look outside of your yourself for gratification. You continue to look out of yourself to move into areas of expertise and to gain your power. When we are here to tell you that all of which you seek is within yourself. You are who you have been waiting for.

So we would like to encourage each and every one of you to move into inner exploration; to move into that solitude of self; to move into the calm within, and allow yourself to sit within the presence of your beingness; to sit within the presence of your power; to sit within the presence of your knowinginess; to take the time to explore; to discover; to grow in your truth, and in your true essence. For there is much to be learned. There is much to be seen. There is much to be gained from this inner process. For you are unique. You are special. You are gifted. You are that one particle of pleasure that when united with the Universe ignites the essence of all.

And as you move into this exploration, do it in a space of lovingness. Do it in a space of excitement and anticipation. Do it in a space of love. For to see the magic of your true essence, it is important that you engage in an open mind, with no expectations, with no barriers, with no limitations. That you look at the true essence of your beingness as a child, in all the wonder, in anticipation, not expecting anything, watching the magic, allowing it to unfold. For there is much for you to see. There is much to be shown to you if you will but take the patience and sit in the true essence of your beingness.

We thank you for this communication today. We go in love.

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