Vicki Smith

Medium, Healer and Mystic

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Vicki has been consciously immersed in mediumship for many years. Her journey began when two members of her immediate family were diagnosed with different auto-immune dis-eases, and standard medical intervention did not prove to be beneficial to their healing. It was then that Vicki turned to the possibility of alternative modalities to provide an avenue of healing for her loved ones and others whose bodies who, for whatever reason, did not respond to standard medical procedures.

Vicki is a certified Quantum Touch® Practioner and Instructor and Past Life and Between Life Soul Regression Specialist. She has advanced her mediumship development by attending classes at Arthur Findlay College in Stansted, England, Trance Channeling with Pepper Lewis, and becoming a certified Medium through The Lisa Williams International School of Spiritual Development.

Personal Spiritual Journey

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Vicki has traveled extensively throughout the United States, Ireland and Scotland exploring many energy vortexes at various spiritual sites, stone circles and standing stones and playing with the energies within these vortexes. Throughout her journeys, she has come in contact with many others who share her enthusiasm and appreciation of Gaia or Mother Earth. She has experienced many varied and wonderful energies and fully appreciates the value of being in perfect harmony and balance with All That Is.
Because all aspects of the flow of energy are held in such high esteem by Vicki, she also became certified in Reiki I and II and Ama Deus, and has attended three levels of Matrix Energetics® and the beginning and advanced levels of PSYCH-K®.


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Meditation has played a major role in Vicki’s spiritual development and has greatly enhanced her ability to access Spirit. Vicki actively participates in three methods of meditation. She sits in The Power, as presented to her at Arthur Findlay College in Stansted, England, to enhance her connection with Spirit. She also practices Vipassana which is a way of self-transformation through self-observation, and she is a member of a Transmission Meditation group.

Transmission Meditation is both a world service (Karma yoga) and the most potent technique of personal development (Laya yoga) available today.

Personal Insight

Vicki, always being true to her higher self, is driven to come from the highest place of integrity whether giving a psychic and/or mediumship reading, assisting with an energetic healing, regression session, or when using any of the other many modalities she has acquired throughout the years.

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Vicki is dedicated to helping and sharing with others, and welcomes the opportunity to be your guide into the mysteries of the soul to help you receive answers and guidance from spirit and energy.
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