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Balancing Your Beingness

balance1Trance Channeling July 4, 2013 about taking time to honor your wisdom, to honor yourself, to integrate your beingness, and recognize your full potential of unity.

We are very much in recognition of the requirements of constant transition for earthly beings. As we watch you going about your day to day affairs, we are in total awe of the capacity that you have to work with many different avenues of energy. It is not that you are just walking in one line of perseverance, but that you are expected to juggle many avenues at the same time. We see that you are engaged in your earthly attitude of performing the necessity of day to day affairs, and we see that there can be a challenge… Continue reading

You Are Who You Have Been Waiting For

higherselfTrance Channeling June 20, 2013 on Dial In Channel Up Blog Talk Radio

Your potential is unlimited. Your knowledge is unsurpassed. You are a true Creator.

We come today to speak of sacred spaces and sacred times. We understand your fascination with those previous times when beings were so engaged in Spirit, but we would like to remind of you that the spiritual essence is of vast importance to all at all times in all spaces.

And we would suggest to you that you create for yourselves a space that is very sacred to you; a space in which you can engage with Self. For there is no greater engagement than that of connecting with your Higher Self, the highest essence of your being. And… Continue reading

Extend Love and Gratitude to All The Surrounds You

earthloveTrance Channeling on Blog Talk Radio, Dial In Channel Up, May 30, 2013

There is much for each and every one of us to appreciate, and when we fall into the depths of despair, we often forget about those simple things that surround us always, that are taking care of us, that are giving us the breath of love.

We come to you today to speak to you of integrating all that surrounds you. There are many aspects of energetic forces that, up to this point, you have not engaged in, and not even considered using in their true essence. These things that we speak of are natural elements of energy around you that surround you in all of your spaces.

The air that you… Continue reading

Stand Out in Love and Integrity

stand outTrance Channeling May 15, 2013.
Standing out in love and integrity create powerful shifts elevating the energy to the highest factor for the goodness of all, so that in all creation, the level of every being may resonate in unison, in Love.

Worthiness and acceptance of that worthiness appear to be a huge factor on the human level. As we gaze upon you, it is difficult for us to understand where this questioning of worthiness comes from. For as we look at you, and from our perception, you must understand, that we see your true essence shining forth. So we see that uniqueness factor, and we see the love essence that is sometimes hidden very deeply within your being. And we do understand that… Continue reading

The Magnificence of You and Your Inner Potential

cosmic2Trance Channeling April 25, 2013 on Dial In Channel Up Blog Talk Radio

The most powerful essence, the most powerful healing modality, is that of Self. You are a Creator, look within your Self to create the shift within your energetic fields that will promote wellness on all levels of your being.

(Past life resolution and healing resolution can take place very easily through direct engagement with Spirit. That’s one of the aspects that we tend to overlook – always seeking other avenues and modalities other than moving into the true uniqueness of our higher self and engaging into that area of expertise. So I believe Spirit wishes to speak with us a bit about an aspect of energetic focus here, so let me move… Continue reading

Looking Through New Eyes

new eyeseChanneling transcribed 4/13/13

We would like to bring a little lightness into the atmosphere of your world. We would like you to look through new eyes. Look at everything in the spirit of light, love and joy. As you gaze into whatever it is you are encountering at the moment, look within the essence factor, and look for the joy. Pull from it the positive expression. Pull from it the joy, the laughter, the love, and move that expression into your being.

For true evolvement of every being comes through the factor of love, and the sooner and the quicker that we can move into the being of lovingness, and staying in the lovingness, the faster we can create the shifts within our environment,… Continue reading

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