Put Your Ear To The Ground

ear to ground1You Tube Channeling: http://youtu.be/F4JVVN_xgts

We have often heard the earthly expression, “I have my ear to the ground“. And it is not within our understanding exactly what you mean by having your ear to the ground. For if you truly did have your ear to the ground, you would be connected with all factors throughout the Universe for you would truly be listening on all levels of your being. And we do not see that creation in force in the earthly fashion.

It is a wonderful expression, do you not think? And what a wonderful idea to move within the true essence of the meaning of that expression, and to truly start listening, and to truly begin hearing what all of creation is trying to… Continue reading

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April 4th:      Fun Sway – Movement makes you feel good, and is so beneficial to your health and well-being! Come have Fun, and Sway with us!

April 11th:    Meditation and Psychic Tools by Debbie Emerson. In this introduction to meditation you will learn several tools to aid in the development of your psychic abilities to gain certainty and clarity of your own truth, as well as a tool to help you easily manifest what you desire. This is an active style of meditation; the goal being… Continue reading

Speaking From The Heart


Channeling 2/28/13 on Blog Talk Radio

Dial In Channel Up

When you are speaking from the heart, when you are speaking from your true essence of intelligence, and resource energy, the interconnectedness of the All That Is, the knowledge of all the Universal Connection, then you are bringing forth wisdom throughout the Universe.

The love factor, and what is in our heartspace is of such paramount importance to the whole functioning of society and the world, not just yourself, but every aspect of who you are. And every aspect of who you are stems from all things that you touch. And all things that you touch, create a vibration throughout the Universe that can create marvelous shifts, or shifts that are not for the… Continue reading

Move Into Your True Rhythm & Join with Others to Create Harmonic Balance


There is a wonderful frequency that each and every being emits. It is a wonderful vibration that creates the most wonderful universal melody.

But there are many of you who have been squelching or depriving yourselves of that wonderful rhythm within. That have suppressed your natural identity, your natural fluidity of energetic movement. That get a glimmer of the true essence of your being on occasion, but depress it immediately, for you feel it may not be acknowledged in a good way.

And we would like to say of you that we feel those frequencies. We feel those rhythms, and we encourage you to move within that true essence of self in the uniqueness of your rhythmic pattern. For it is a unique, melodious… Continue reading

You Tube Trance Channeling February 8, 2013


Don’t be afraid to walk alone, for when you are following the process of someone else, you are limiting your creativity, and you are withholding your true essence of expression of self from the world.

Like the ripples in the stream, you are ripples in the Universe, and every segment of your essence flows forward in those ripples. You are very powerful and unique beings, each and everyone of you, and when you have entered within the flow of your unique ripple, you create magic in all that you do, in all that you hear, see, think, and feel.

For when you are in the expression of your truth, of your uniqueness, you are bringing forth a particular essence of which no other is… Continue reading

Heart Centered Presentations





Every Thursday Evening –
6:30 – 8:00 pm – Fee: Pay Forward

Parkwood Plaza, 1000 N 9th St, #19
(South Building and down the stairs)

Contact:   Vicki Smith           (970) 260-4641
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March 7th     Zen Shiatsu demonstration and participant trade by Michelle Woods.
Zen Shiatsu is Japanese bodywork addressing all aspects of the body’s flow of energy allowing for an increase in energy and… Continue reading

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