Vicki is by far the most gifted and spiritual soul that I’ve ever had the pleasure to be around. She runs with such a positive and loving energy, that you can’t help but feel rejuvenated just by being around her. The reading she gave me was accurate and heart felt. It was such a nice experience to be able to get messages from my grandma, who is still very dear to my heart. Vicki also helped me with a past life regression that changed my life. This woman is truly a gift to this world, and I’m so thankful for her.
Brook M., Hawaii

Vicki Smith is a natural at connecting with the energy of those who have crossed over. She creates a safe environment in which those in this world and loved ones from other worlds can communicate and share messages, thoughts and feelings…it felt so natural, warm and loving.
Joni K., Colorado

I had an “over the phone” reading with Vicki. She and I are very close, and I was interested in seeing how a reading together might affect that. She was immediately giving me information unrelated to anything we had ever discussed before. I was given specific artistic direction related to symbols and information on some things I should do that I do continue to remember as I wake up each day. She nailed information for me on a past life. I was able to ask and have all my questions answered.  I have opportunities to get readings quite often and from quite a varied group of intuitives, and I would choose Vicki going forward to assist me with my needs absolutely. She is very well connected spiritually and has an excellent gift for doing this type of work. She is a very special person.
Beth E., California

I am new to all this, but I was very impressed with the insights that Vicki provided me in our session. She clearly tapped into a source that was near and dear to me, using words and phrases that characterized the personality of the spirit of the man I knew. Her insights tapped into my intuition and gave me enlightening new directions to explore. Vicki is clearly a gifted individual who is down to earth while able to use the other world to find important lessons in the issues that affect me. I recommend her highly.
Al K., Colorado

I have always felt supported and more grounded after having a session with Vicki. I just recently had a reading done with her, and through this experience, I was able to make peace with my Grandfather, as well as understand more the places I have been stuck in my life. This is such a gift to me.  Vicki is very encouraging, understanding, funny, wise and generous. I love connecting with her and having her support as I grow on my spiritual path.
Jacqueline R., New York

I recently had a reading by Vicki Smith. I had never had one before and she took the time to speak with me to put me at ease. The information in the reading totally resonated with me. The tools she helped me with have been a tremendous help, and something I need in my life daily.
Deborah A., Washington

I had a wonderful and life changing meeting with Vicki!  She took the time to center herself and get in touch with my energy. Then she proceeded to tell me so many things that only one who is in touch with the universal life energy could tell. She spoke of my family and myself as if she had known me my whole life. Then she added messages from my friends and family who had passed as well as my Angels. It was such a unique and wonderful experience which I learned so very much from. I have since followed her advice for my path and personal growth and have become a better person for it. Thank you Vicki for all you are and all you do.
Annie C., Colorado

Vicki recently did a reading for me over the phone. I was at a point in my life where I felt stuck in a rut regarding what kind of career I should be in. Vicki was amazing – she knew exactly what I was going through…right down to the details. When she told me what I needed to be doing with my life, I felt goose bumps all over my arms and knew that that was the right answer. After the reading with Vicki, I felt energized and ready to get out of my rut and move forward with my life. Thank you, Vicki! You’re a wonderful medium.
Cynthia A, Hawaii

I recently had a reading from Vicki. I was quite pleased at the accuracy I felt from her in this reading. She shared some messages that I was aware of, as well as some that I was not aware of. I must say that the contact she made with my sister, who crossed, both cleared up many of my questions and relieved much guilt that I had been holding. I can now think of my sister and her crossing with no anger, only love….thank you for that wonderful gift!  Vicki also made contact with some of my guides. I had been looking for some guidance as well as direction and although I am in contact with my guides, I felt Vicki could pass along the information she received in an unattached, and thus clearer, fashion. She not only validated some things I had already heard, but gave additional insights. Because of this, I have since been able to work through a couple of blocks and move forward with my life. This experience effected me not only immediately, but I am still benefiting from this wonderful encounter. I felt that Vicki delivered the messages with compassion and accuracy, and that she truly understands the healing impact her work can have on people. Thank you so much for this wonderful reading.
Jade, Colorado

Vicki’s clairvoyant reading session was very insightful and “to the point”. Everything that she saw and talked about in the reading was very relevant and helpful to me. She also did a very effective  clairvoyant reading during the session that helped me in moving out some energies and attachments that were making it difficult for me to breath. The relief was instantaneous.
Debbie E., Colorado

My experience of Vicki is that she is a warm and gifted human being with profound intuitive/mediumship abilities. Through her capacity to connect to my past history, even with my past lives, as well as with my family members and friends who have crossed over, the messages she shared with me, though uncomfortable and awkward-feeling (because they rang so true!), were delivered with caring and concern.  The hints and tips Vicki gave me were useful triggering/reminder devices to keep me from slipping into old patterns going forward.  Vicki is a safe and trustworthy person to work with in these areas and I recommend her highly.
Kim L., Colorado

You’ll never experience a past life regression like the one Vicki Smith will lead you on.  She is a master at taking you to the levels in which you need to be, to find the answers you are seeking.  I didn’t want the journey and experience to end, she’s amazing!
Joni K., Colorado

Vicki and I have been friends for approx 20 years, and with that know each other very well. Vicki had been traveling the last 8 months, and with my schedule, we had not been able to keep in contact, by email or phone. When Vicki emailed she was in town and wanted to do a reading, I was excited but not sure how true the reading was going to be since we know each other so well.
When we got together, we didn’t talk about what was going on with me so it wouldn’t influence the reading. As Vicki started the reading, she was very intuitive about what had been happening in my life. She was spot on when she mentioned that there seemed to be some issues with my husband’s daughter. Vicki, said she was picking up on problems with law enforcement and drugs. (My husband’s daughter had stolen lots of money from her mother and used it to buy drugs, just the weekend before). As she continued through the reading, she was very intuitive about other things that had gone on in my life recently.  So I was really not surprised Vicki knew that, just impressed as to how she reached a higher level in her psychic reading.  Can’t wait to get together again for the next one
Jan L., Colorado

My experience with Vicki has been incredible. She has helped me add a missing element to my life. For years I wondered who I was, and why I am the way I am now. I had bouts of depression that started in my early teens. I now have the tools to fight the depression on my own and rarely need to anymore.

When I found Vicki, I was very apprehensive and frightened because of western societal beliefs and my own family’s beliefs about Past Life Regression and energy healing. They were both looked down on as evil or something crazy people do. Once I broke that barrier and called Vicki, my healing began. My first meeting with her, I was very nervous, but she immediately put me at ease. She has such a kind and loving demeanor about her that I started to relax right away.

Vicki preformed a reading and told me things about my self that I knew to be true but was never able to put into words, or even to put into conscious thought. Now that I know of these things, I have been able to work on my faults, and heal myself. I am no longer depressed, have closed a negative relationship, and have re-evaluated my priorities, and have become much happier. I am also able to push away or avoid stressful situations that used to bring me down.

My PLR is probably the most intriguing experience I have ever had. It has opened new doors and new levels of awareness in my life. Just knowing who I was has helped me to know why I am the way I am today.  Thanks to Vicki, I am discovering a whole new realm of possibilities I never new existed. 
Melanie S., Colorado

I met Vicki when stress at work was taking a toll on me.  After one Stress Management Course with her, I felt completely relaxed and confident about managing stress at work. I’ve been listening to the meditation CD that she made for me almost every night – it instantly puts me in a state of calm.  I was so impressed with Vicki that I met with her for a Quantum Touch Healing session and a Past Life Regression session as well.  Recently, I had Distant Healing done on me.  I was amazed – I felt a significant change physically within 2 days!  I love Vicki because she emanates love and warmth wherever she goes.  I highly recommend her!
Cynthia A, Hawaii

I am grateful for having Vicki share her insight and encourage words for my new path! 
Joanne W., Colorado

For additional Testimonials regarding Past Life Regression and Quantum-Touch sessions, please check out my website at www.stressaway2day.com


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