Trance Channeling Readings

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As a trance channel, Vicki, will connect with a non-physical, highly evolved being or spirit teacher to speak through her bringing forth valuable information for you. From this interaction, you will receive greater awareness and powerful insights from a different perspective which will empower and transform you. You will also be surrounded in the wonderful uplifting energy of Universal love which will assist in restoring harmony and balance within.


Personal Information Regarding Your Trance Channeling Reading

The reading generally takes one hour. 

A telephone reading is every bit as powerful as an in-person reading. Time, distance and space are irrelevant to Spirit connection.

All readings are private and confidential.

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Email Vicki to request a reading. She can also be reached by phone at (970) 260-4641. Vicki will schedule reading once payment has been received.

Rates and Payment Policy

Psychic Mediumship Readings

Trance Channeling Readings
Personal Healing

Vicki is dedicated to helping and sharing with others, and welcomes the opportunity to be your guide into the mysteries of the soul to help you receive answers and guidance from spirit and energy.
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Reading Info
$100 Psychic Mediumship Reading
$100 Trance Channeling Reading
$100 for Personal Healing Session
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